MarcBroussard w/ JessieBaylin & Josh Hoge//24Jan09 @ Showbox (Market)

What a great show.

I came for Jessie Baylin, not the headlining Marc Broussard. I found out about her 2 months ago when she opened for Matt Nathanson. But enough about her for now.

The show kicked off with Josh Hoge. This is the first time I have seen him, though he seems familiar in a way. His band gives a half country, half pop feel, but when he opened his mouth I was reminded of NSync. He was promoting his new CD release, one called 'Everything She Was'. He claimed it to be about screwed up relationships, and that you wouldn't find any sappy love songs on it. Fine by me. He is into his music and has good stage presence. He got the crowd excited. He mentioned two names very familiar to any American Idol fan... He toured previously with Elliot Yamin (my personal favorite from that season..) and he apparently wrote a song for his buddy Blake Lewis (whom I found myself dancing next to later in the show!) He ended his show with a soulful cover of 'Aint No Sunshine.' I bought some of his gear and had the chance to have him autograph the CD and take a picture with me. He was very sweet and just watching him interact with his fans, you can tell he is so grateful for the appreciation. He will be back in Seattle on April 24th at the Q Cafe, on his first headlining tour. You can bet I'll be there!

Next up was Jessie Baylin, one of my latest discoveries. November 5th, she opened for Matt Nathanson on that same stage (and incidentally, in the same dress!) and at first she was one of those I hated to love. I, thankfully, gave up my grudge against her (she had drawn the attention of every guy in the joint, including my boyfriend.) and gave in to her music. She is gorgeous and has such a unique sound. My only complaint with her is that while she's on stage, she seems to have such a flat affect, reminding me of Alison Krauss; amazing voice, but gives the impression there may not be all that much in that pretty little head of hers. I know this is not the case with miss Baylin, I have read her blogs and I indeed got the chance to meet her after her performance tonight as well! She is very very sweet, and she smelled lovely. She kind of promoted the headliner, Marc Broussard, and I (for some reason) fought the urge to tell her that I actually wasn't there to see him, but her. She dances to her own music and just observes the crowd as she sings her sweet songs. She (again, as she did last time..) ended her show with a fun cover of The Beatles' 'Rocky Raccoon,' finally bringing in the whole crowd.

Last but not least, Marc Broussard. Let me state for the record that the line for this guy was literally 3/4 of the way around the block. I was amazed at the following he had, and that a majority of the crowd seemed to be middle-aged folks. I have seen Marc once before, back in October at the Moore Theatre, opening for Sara Bareilles. At that show I didn't leave too impressed- which I judge by my desire to buy their CD or at least look them up when I get home. I did neither of these things, and frankly forgot about him. It was undecided whether I would actually stay for him tonight or just ditch after seeing Jessie. But after Jessie herself told me how much she liked him, I decided to give him another chance. He has a big sound, his band sounding somewhat blues-ey and yet modern and pop-ish at the same time. Complaint: He seems pretty full of himself... Praise: he kind of deserves to be, what with the fan base he appears to have. Complaint: Though his voice is good... it is pretty plain. Like anything else you would hear on the radio. But then again... Praise: the music really makes up for it. He jams like John Mayer or Dave Matthews Band, making for long songs great for just enjoying the sounds and feels of the music. Not to mention a good dance fest! I recommend this guy's show if you're looking for a night of fun music and booty-shakin. Or at least a toe-tap or two, your choice ;) I will probably see him again, and will probably look into getting his CD when I think about it.

Overall a wonderful night. Left the show with a catchy tune in my head, singing it and skipping down Post Alley. Mmmm.